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Welcome to Triloka's Living Qigong Website.Come discover the secrets of the world's most thoroughly tested healing exercise system.

Come Learn with Us!

We offer Foundation and Advanced qigong courses that center on medical qigong and lead you into greater health, vitality, and fluency on all levels of your being. The unique depth and approachability of our qigong courses comes from years of qigong training across a range traditions: Martial, medical, spiritual, Daoist, Buddhist, and even Christian. If you are interested in learning the art and practice of qigong in a simple, effective, and non-sectarian manner, then you will feel right at home in our Living Qigong Courses.

Why Qigong?

Qigong, the ancient art of integrating mind, breath & body, is the most direct way to feel and access living internal energy. The methods of qigong have been practiced and refined over literally thousands of years, making it (alongside Daoist Yoga) the world’s oldest documented system of healing exercise. Though apparently simple, the highly refined exercises of qigong access your vitality directly in a way that keeps you clear and buoyant for days.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Our weekly classes are a good place to get your feet wet or to compliment an already established qigong routine. Our weekend workshops offer glimpses into the deeper aspects of qigong and are a good option for those who don't live in the South San Francisco Bay. Our Foundation and Advanced Living Qigong Courses are for those interested in learning to use qigong for themselves or who wish to share this ancient healing art with others.