The Newest Trend in Fitness is Actually the Oldest!

From yoga to pilates to zumba, people are always on the lookout for the next new thing. And as people from Olympic trainers to retirees are beginning to realize the power of fitness methods that exercise both body and mind, the ancient practices of qigong (chi kung) and taiji (tai chi) are on the rise. New studies demonstrating the benefits of qigong and taiji are cropping up every week. But that’s no surprise, given that qigong has been practiced, studied, and used as a therapeutic exercise method for over 2,000 years. The trick, of course, is finding which version of the practice is right for you. Our courses emphasize medical qigong, the type of healing exercise utilized in Chinese medicine as an aid to disease prevention and recovery as well as for increasing one’s energy level and longevity. Though our instructors are thoroughly trained in other major systems (including martial and spiritual) of qigong, we focus primarily on medical qigong because it is the most flexible and the quickest to deliver tangible benefits to the practitioner. In our advanced course we use medical qigong as a foundation for the spiritual practices of meditation and internal alchemy.

Is “Qigong” the same as “Chi Kung”?

Yes: They are exactly the same thing. “Qigong” is the current method of writing (romanizing) the Mandarin pronunciation of the characters 氣功, while “chi kung” is an older spelling still used in some parts of the world. However, qigong and taiji (also spelled “tai chi“) are two different things. Taiji is a style of internal (which means it usually looks slow) style of Chinese gong fu (kung fu), while qigong is a discipline focused on using body breath and mind to develop and circulate internal energy. While taiji has been the subject of dozens of health and longevity studies and its benefits are widely known, those benefits are even more substantial and tailorable in the practice of qigong, due to the close association between qigong and Chinese medicine.

Who We Are

At Triloka, we recognize that the world is poised for profound change, and that the practices and human development systems of India, Tibet, and East Asia offer us the most informed, tested, and practical methods for effecting personal transformation. Because we have spent decades learning in private from masters in a diverse range of Oriental spiritual, medicinal, and martial traditions, we offer a depth of perspective and practicality that is available nowhere else. And we offer this training freely and openly to everyone who comes to our courses, which is a sharp contrast to the traditional “old school” methods of teaching the entirety of a system only to a single disciple who was then meant to carry on the lineage. We teach the entirety of each of the systems we offer to everyone with the hope that people will practice and use and share these precious skills to change themselves and the world.


Living Qigong Courses

Triloka’s Living Qigong Courses are designed for people who want to have the ability to deliberately guide their physical, emotional, and mental health. We offer Foundation and Advanced Courses based in medical qigong. Our Living Qigong Courses start from the foundation of physical postures and movements, progress through energetic sensitivity and development, and finally branch out into spiritual qigong (internal alchemy), qigong treatment protocolsmartial qigong, and more. From years of training, teaching, and editing textbooks in medical qigong, we have a unique and practical perspective from which we offer all of our classes and courses. Unlike in times past, when qigong techniques and exercises were kept secret and reserved for the “chosen few”, today the only factor in your ability to learn the entire spectrum of qigong is your willingness to take what you learn in our courses and put it into practice.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the art and science of accessing, developing, and circulating your internal energy (qi) using the skill (gong) of integrating mind, breath, & body in gentle and flowing exercise. Along with Daoist Yoga, qigong is the world’s most ancient documented system of healing exercise. Practicing qigong connects you with your own internal energy so that you can rid yourself of disease, increase health, build up vitality, and increase longevity. Basically it is a method that you can use to just feel well, and eventually to feel fantastic!