Triloka’s carefully designed training modules ensure that you have the ability to create a personal and professional practice based on the solid foundation of thousands of years of shared oriental traditions. Our curriculum includes the very best of medical qigong and spiritual qigong methods and is the result of decades of research, practice, and instructor training. We have taken the ancient teachings of Chinese Medical qigong and streamlined them, decoding the arcane language, emphasizing practicality over dogmatic tradition, and improving the instruction process by including internet based learning components.

In addition to your diploma from Triloka, upon graduation from the Living Qigong Foundation Course you will  qualify for certification with the NQA (National Qigong Association) at the 200 hour level, and graduation from the Living Qigong Advanced Course qualifies you for 500 hour certification.

Living Qigong Foundation Course

In Triloka’s Living Qigong Foundation course you will first learn the basics of circulating internal energy, then it’s on to Daoist yoga and self-healing.  From here you will begin to move and feel energy (qi/prana) as a natural extension of your being, discover the history and culture of energy practices in Asia, and learn how to use and adapt these skills in our world today.Qigong Foundations 4 Weekend Format 2016-17

This course includes both medical and spiritual qigong to ensure that you are comfortable and fluent with a wide range of qigong practices, both for yourself and with others.  Whether your intention is to lead groups and classes, heal from chronic low energy, or simply enhance your own vitality, Triloka’s Qigong Foundation course provides you with the most accessible, comprehensive, and inspiring qigong training available anywhere. Upon graduation you will receive a certificate demonstrating that you have exceeded the standard for registry with the National Qigong Association at the 200 hour instructor/practitioner level.

Triloka’s 2017-18 Living Qigong Foundation Course Dates:

4 Weekends:

Module 1:

  • Nov 1-5, 2017
  • Jan 10-14, 2018

Module 2

  • Mar 14-18, 2018
  • May 2-6, 2018
The venue is a private and secluded residence in Saratoga, CA.  South of San Francisco, you will be fed 2 mostly vegetarian meals (lunch and dinner) each day.

To register, click on this link to go to Triloka’s Web Portal:


Living Qigong Advanced Course

Our Advanced Course begins where our Foundation Course leaves off. First comes a mind-blowing restoration of China’s most commonly practiced qigong systems, then we go deep into the world of medical qigong. Here, you’ll learn qigong in it’s most ancient contexts: As a central component of Chinese medicine and as a method of personal transformation (internal alchemy).  You’ll have the opportunity to learn numerous qi emission treatment protocols, qigong self-massage, advanced internal alchemy, dual (sexual) cultivation, advanced Daoist Yoga, and advanced techniques for energy cultivation, self-healing, meditation, and martial qigong.Upon graduation you will receive a certificate demonstrating that you have exceeded the standard for registry with the National Qigong Association at the 500 hour instructor/practitioner level.