What is qigong?



What is the difference between taiji & qigong?



How can I benefit from qigong practice?



cite some studies here (minimum of three, plus maybe a recent article in a MAJOR publication)


What style of qigong do I learn in Triloka’s Living Qigong Courses?



Why choose Triloka’s Living Qigong Courses over other Qigong styles?


We do not teach a style

Analogous to learning a language: the goal is to express oneself and communicate effectively. Repeating “See Jane Run” over and over does not make you more proficient in English.



But doesn’t it take years to become proficient?



It’s possible to cite some articles, and/or scholarly books on feudalism and the role of the teacher in traditions and traditional cultures.



What’s the difference between Triloka’s Living Qigong Course and Triloka’s Living Taiji Course?



Do qi & prana really exist or are they just expressions?




I’m interested in taiji for health, does Triloka teach that?


What else does Triloka offer?




Is it really that simple?



How can I find out more?



Link to www.trilokayoga.com


Upcoming course dates