Living Qigong Courses

Triloka’s Living Qigong Courses are designed for people who want to have the ability to deliberately guide their physical, emotional, and mental health. We offer Foundation and Advanced Courses based in medical qigong. Our Living Qigong Courses start from the foundation of physical postures and movements, progress through energetic sensitivity and development, and finally branch out into spiritual qigong (internal alchemy), qigong treatment protocolsmartial qigong, and more. From years of training, teaching, and editing textbooks in medical qigong, we have a unique and practical perspective from which we offer all of our classes and courses. Unlike in times past, when qigong techniques and exercises were kept secret and reserved for the “chosen few”, today the only factor in your ability to learn the entire spectrum of qigong is your willingness to take what you learn in our courses and put it into practice.